Code of Ethics


Any person who has witnessed or believes that a Member of Council has contravened the Code of Ethics Bylaw (243 / 21) may advise the member that they are in contravention of the bylaw and encourage the member to stop.



To report an alleged contravention of the Code of Ethics Bylaw (243 / 21), the complaintant shall submit the Complaint Form (Schedule A below), personally or by sending the form directly to the Designated Officer (the Chief Administrative Officer) by mail, email, fax or courier.  The Designated Officer will issue a Receipt of Complaint (Schedule B) - within seven (7) days and will review the complaint to ensure that the form is complete and meets the scope of the Ethics Bylaw.  After reviewing the complaint the Designated Officer will notify the all parties of the validity of the complaint and the next steps.  At the next Council meeting Council will acknowledge by resolution that a complaint has been filed and will initiate the complaint investigation process.

Complaint Form - Schedule A