Civic Addressing

You may have heard about Civic Addressing or are starting to see little blue signs in neighbouring RM’s.  Civic Addressing is a province-wide standardized system of identifying and locating properties by establishing unique access point locations and can be used to assist emergency responders.  The RM of Martin has been working on this project for a couple of years and one of the early steps was to review all the road names in the RM.  Addresses were verified, deleted and modified based on a list that was generated for the RM by the Civic Addressing Registry (CAR).  This required another level of training and access to the CAR website in order to validate the address points.

The addresses are primarily for emergency responders.  Emergency responders have access to the database with all of the approved addresses and each address is linked to a latitude and longitude location.  The address itself also helps pinpoint locations quickly to those that know how the addresses were determined.  The benefit of a civic address versus a land location is that the civic address identifies the exact access point of your property instead of just the entire quarter section.  The addresses were determined by distance/lots and either the east Range Road or south Township Road.  Each mile of grid road is divided into 40 metre lot intervals on each side of the road.  Even numbers are on the west or south side of a road and odd numbers are on the east or north side of the road.   For Instance:  132130 Township Road 150 means the Range Road 1321 to the east and 30 means the Lot Number and of course Township Road 150 is the road where the house is located.  15222 Range Road 1335 means the Township Road 152 to the south and 22 means the Lot Number and of course Range Road 1335 is the road where the house is located.  If the road has a special name or Grid Road Name then the number means the Lot Number (ie 1261 Highway 1 or 7180 Grid Road 703 or 90 Sharpe’s Bridge Road).

Some people are asking why their address does not show up on Google Maps.  Currently Google Maps does not incorporate these addresses into their system and therefore your address will not show up on Google Maps or other GPS systems.