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The Rural Municipality of Martin No. 122 has deep roots in the community, and has long been dedicated to serving it. The RM of Martin #122 was incorporated as a rural municipality on the 13th day of January, 1913.

The RM of Martin must always operate within the direct authority imposed by The Municipalities Act, through concern for proper discharge of responsibilities under The Municipalities Act and through exercise of the powers the Act confers.  All Municipalities are corporations (which were created by the government with legislation) that must follow both federal and provincial laws.


The RM of Martin #122 has six divisions and thus six Councillors as well as a Reeve.  You may find more information on the current Council under the Council Tab at the top of the page.  Each Councillor is directly responsible for their divisions but Councillors are responsible as a whole for the entire municipality and make decisions that are best for the entire RM not just their own division.  Councillors are elected every four (4) years with alternate division election every two (2) years.

Currently the RM of Martin has a Chief Administrative Officer (Administrator) whose main job is the day to day running of the RM of Martin along with the Foreman and Maintenance Workers.   The Chief Administrative Officer manages the finances of the RM of Martin, advises the Council  on the operation of the RM and provincial legislation, ensures the RM of Martin operates in accordance with the Council's decisions and policies, and the day to day administration duties of the RM.  The Foreman is responsible also for ensuring that he/she operates in accordance with Council's decisions and policies.  The Foreman is responsible for the maintenance of the RM of Martin's infrastructure.  

The 2016 Census has the population of the RM of Martin at 289 with 130 dwellings and covers 556.50 square kilometres.  Municipal workers have 377 km (233 miles) of roads that need to be maintained.  It would take over 50 hours to grade 200 km of road with one pass and most roads take 3-4 passes!

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